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Contact Kris to request a copy of the Purchase Agreement Contract that covers health, breeding rights, etc., in addition to the comments below.

Make Check or Monay order payable to Kris Banik.  Mail to 17379 Wilson Pasture Road, Bryan, Texas 77808.

By sending in a deposit, you are agreeing that you will pick up your pup by the age of 8 weeks or have the pup shipped by the age of 10 weeks.  By sending money for a dog or pup older than 8 weeks, you are agreeing that you will pick up the dog or have it shipped within 30 days of monies arriving.  Any exceptions must be discussed with Kris and an agreement made. 

The order of receipt of puppy deposits determines the order in which you will select your pup.

We can take $100 deposits at any time but prefer to wait until the female starts showing.  To be fair, we only take up to 6 deposits for a particular litter before the female whelps.  If you contact us after we have 6 pups spoken for, we'll put you on the Litter Notification list for when the pups arrive. If the litter is more than 6, then we know that we have a pup for you.

After the pups are here and we know # of males and females, we will start taking additional deposits.

Deposits are
not refundable, but can carry over to another litter.  We cannot guarntee that the female will breed when we expect or that there will be a pup available that meets all your preferences.  These are not reasons to ask for a refund but are reasons we allow you to transfer your deposit to another of our litters. 

If for any reason, you cannot take delivery or cannot pick up a dog or have to
terminate a sale, a $100 non-refundable deposit will be incurred on the amount you put down to hold the dog for you as well as any expenses incurred to keep the dog for you for any extended amount of time.
Call 979-220-1537
email Kris for more info.
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If you don't see what you want right now but want to know about future litters or dogs available, you have options.
Request to be put on the Litter Notification List to know when we are have bred the next litter.
You definately want a pup out of a future litter?  Contact Kris to let her know and follow the instructions below for sending in a puppy deposit.
Purchasing a Puppy
Pup will have received one or two 5-way shots and several dewormings by the time you get your puppy. (New owners should continue to deworm every 2 weeks until 12 weeks old, then follow vet's instructions.)
             Exception:  Rabies shot (Pup must be at least 12wks old for the vet to administer this shot.)

You are responsible for sending in the registration application paper to register the puppy before it is 6 months old.  We will give you this paper at pick up or as soon as we receive them from the association.  Parents are registered with NALC. 

Your deposit is applied to the purchase price ($400 for 6-8 week old pup, depending on the litter).  Example: $400 price minus your $100 deposit = $300 due at pick up or prior to shipping.)

We readily accept cash (in person) and money orders.  We reserve the right to refuse checks for full payment.  If using a check, send it well before pick up of puppy.  Checks may be sent for deposits.  Hot check writers will be prosecuted and/or the dog returned to us.

Picking up your Pup?

You may pick up your pup between 6 and 8 weeks of age. 
Call to set up a day and time to come out to the ranch.  Payment in full is due at time of pick up. 

Shipping your Pup?
Puppies must be 8 weeks old to ship via airline.  You must be able to receive your pup prior to 11 weeks old.  We can ship your dog or puppy within the continental US.  If outside the US, we must have detailed instructions and sometimes a professional export/import agent is needed.

If we are shipping your puppy to you, we must receive payment in full for the puppy's purchase price and for all shipping costs (airfare, health paper, carrier, mileage fee).  I can usually provide an estimate for you. 

We perfer to ship out of Houston Intercontinental Airport (IAH) as it is the closest.  We also perfer using
Continental Airlines as we can ship year aound.  The pup is always in a temperature controlled environment.  Most other airlines only offer pet cargo service when the temperture is within certain minimums and maximums as the animals may be outdoors.  It varies with airlines. 

You are responsible for locating or double-checking on an airport feasible for you to receive the pup and for us to ship the pup to you.  Please do this before you decide to buy so that you can factor in such things as travel to a suitable airport, the time it will take to make the trip, and will your perferred airport be able take pets when your pup is ready to ship.  We will look up flights that work best with both parties schedules and the well-being of the puppy.