River Bottom Catahoulas
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A Matter of Color
Simple, helpful informtion for breeding Catahoulas dogs addressing excessive whites and coloring.
American Catahoula Association
The ACA is a non-profit organization dedicated to uniting owners and breeders of registered Catahoula Leopard Dogs.  ACA is not a registry.  The association works to promote and maintain the confirmation and working ability of the registered Catahoula through shows, clinics, trials and certified testing.  This site offers a source of informtion and Catahoula breeders.
Catahoulas Society
The largest hunting and archery information site on the Internet.  Over 2,000 pages of Hunting, Gun, and Dog information.
Cowhouse Catahoulas
Breeder of registered Catahoula cow and hog dogs in Central Texas. 
Windridge Farms
Producing champion, working and hunting Catahoula Leopard dogs in the West Coast since 1982.
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Maple Grove Aussies
Breeder of registered Austrailian Shepherds in Central Texas.
They have a couple of older female pups, one blue merle and one red merle.  They are out of proven working bloodlines.  Call Russ or Rheadon at 512-750-3694 for details. 
Pups available!!
Wilson's Catahoula Bulldogs
Home of the Exquisite Catahoula Bulldog in the Florida panhandle.
Dirty South Catahoulas
Certified Breeder of registered Catahoula cow and hog dogs in West Central Florida. 
White Rock Catahoulas
Located in central Oklahoma, White Rock Catahoulas is a 3rd generation breeder dedicated to the preservation of the versatile Catahoula Leopard Dog focusing on physically and mentally sound dogs that possess intelligence, drive, natural working ability and trainability. 
Divine Dynasty Kennels
Located in central Texas.  Producing and training versatile catahoulas and pit bull dogs.  Pups available.
Tuska Homma Kennels
Certified Breeder of registered Catahoula hog dogs in Louisiana.  Watch them work.