River Bottom Catahoulas
River Bottom Catahoulas
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Kris & Scott Banik
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17379 Wilson Pasture Rd.
Bryan, Texas 77808
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Thank you for visiting River Bottom Catahoulas. We raise Leopard Catahoula dogs for working cows on the ranch and hunting hogs when needed. 

Our breeding program
focuses on producing dogs with a strong cow herding instinct that will also hunt hogs and be a multi-purpose dog for your home, family and ranch/farm. Our stud dogs and females "dual purpose".  They are out of stock that is strong on both cows and hogs. Click on "Our Catahoulas" for pedigrees. You'll see some familiar names.  Several of our dogs are Catahoula Parish, LA born and bred. But we also have 4th generation River Bottom dogs on the ground and working.  See all the dogs by clicking here.

Breed soundness is important to the longevity of the Catahoula Breed.  With this in mind we work and breed some non-merle dogs.  These "plain" dogs are important to every breeding program. Click on the Links page for sources of additional information.  

Our sire and dams are of good comformation with sweet temperments.  We do not purposely breed for particular coat or eye color.  (Although I will admit to having a fondness for cracked eyes.)  We strive to breed for a balance of size, strength, endurance, and "cow sense". 

The name River Bottom Catahoulas resulted from a chance comment I made on our way home from a dog hunting trip.  We were quite taken with a male that was huge. Too huge to "pull through the river bottom all day in Texas in July". (R.I.P. Cadillac)  Thus our name, Banik's River Bottom Catahoulas.  Our NALC Certified Kennel name is Banik R.B.  

Catahoulas are great dogs in the appropriate environement.  In our opinion, that environment includes lots of exercise, something to work or do, and discipline.  These are very striking dogs whose look attracts many would-be-pet owners.  Our advise to any "off the ranch and out of the woods" prospective owner is to research this breed before you get one in order to make decisions that best fit you and your dog.

Feel free to contact us for additional information. 

"Lord, may my grass grow tall and the hogs be plentiful,
but not in my hayfield!" -- the Hog Hunting Cowman.

"Lord, bless our dogs whereever they may go.
Enable the dogs and their work to be a blessing 
to each person they contact be it Your will.
Amen." -- the Baniks
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