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Boerboel Mastiff X Colby Pit Litter

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Introducing Cheyenne and Rebel's nieces and nephews!!!!!

Cheyenne and Rebel have both been valuable additions to our kennel. The South African Boerboel has a history that we can appreciate given our Texas frontier heritage. She gathers cattle, bays wild hogs, patrols and protects the homestead. Our Colby bred Rebel has such a good handle, huge heart and unlimited grit.  Guys, never discount her because she's a girl!  She heads straight for the baddest hog in the bunch.

We look forward to working with these babies.
Born:  11-24-2011                           Litter:   2  females,  2  males
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Brindle male with black mask
Aunt Cheyenne showing them the ropes.
Female on left.  Male with stick..
Butch will be a good-sized dog. We've already started work on pigs. Video is available.