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STARTED DOGS .    Yes!!                                   (Updated 2/13/2013)

  CATAHOULA    Yes!!    COLBY PIT          BOERBOEL    Yes!!

In addition to Catahoulas, we run Boerboels and Pits. Why? They are fellow working breeds that have found a purpose here. 

Depositers, you can pick up your pup after they are 6 weeks old and prior to 12 weeks old.  If you need the pup shipped, the pup needs to be between 8 and 11 weeks old.  This is a critical age for pups.  I like to have in their homes, bonding with their new family, and learning to explore and adapt to new things.

We can
ship if needed.  See Planned Litters, Transport, and Purchasing Info links for more information. 
Natural Bob-tail dogs
If you are interested in bob-tails or finding more info, check out the links page or email me

FYI:  A long tailed dog will not produce a bob-tailed pup unless bred to a bob-tail.  A long tail dog out of a bob-tail parent has lost the bob gene forever (according to current research). 

So, if you wanted to be able to breed and raise bob-tailed Catahoulas, you would have to have a bob-tail for a parent. 

As with any new pet or addition to your breeding program, we recommend doing some research on the genetics of the bloodline and of the breed. 
Solid Catahoulas
If you are worried excessive whites or double merles, solid pups would help a breeding program.  They are solid, but can be flashy, and out of strong, working stock.  You will see several solid colored dogs on our place.  Remember the old saying.  "Pretty is as pretty does." 

Here is our tri-colored
Chrome as a baby...
Transport your Dog
Several 7 month old started pups available
Males and females. Started on hogs, but can also be cow dogs. Click on Started Dogs for more information.
Sire:    Cowhouse's Buddy
Dam:   Windridge's Lady
Born:  Jan 27, 2013
Available: 1 male and 1 female.

This is a repeat breeding that has produced some very nice dogs that we work and breed, such as Chrome and Nina. Pictures and info will be made available soon.