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Now is the time to plant, folks!!

Thank you for visiting. We produce ball clover seed.  Also a beef cattle producer, we have found Ball clover makes a significant impact on our bottom line.  The clover provides high qualtiy forage for the cattle.  In our grazing systems, this legume incorporates valuable nitrogen into the soil benefitting the warm-season grasses. 

Fertilizer and Winter feed are expensive.
With clover, you can "make" your own.  Ball clover has excellent reseeding ability under grazing conditions.  Our pastures are proof. 

Scarified and Unscarified seed are available in 50lb bags.  We are very please with this year's test results.

         88.75% PLS for Scarified seed,  $7/lb

          91.50% PLS for the Unscarified seed,  $7/lb

To Order, call or email Clyde Williams.   
Williams Clover Seed
Ball Clover Seed in Central TX
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