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Sire:  Wolf River's N-Bleu Cotton
River's Eza Cheetah
X Wolf River's I-Betsy)
Dam:  Gold Star's Zena
          (Six E's Slug 
X Aden's WR Roha Linda)
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We breed dogs for our own use.  Our objecitve is to produce a dog with a good mind, innate working ability on cattle and endurance for working long hours in the Texas heat.  The type of dog we strive for is a "jack of all trades".  We want him to be soft on cows with baby calves, but mantain control of cows and yearlings.  He is to have the assertiveness and grit to hang with bulls and hogs.  This is the type of dog we breed for and what other folks seem to appreciate.  

While the dogs have trophy winners in their pedigrees, we do not compete heavily (lack of time).  The dogs prove themselves on the ranch through work.  So please don't hold the lack of ribbons decorating our walls against the dogs.  Their pride comes at the end of the day when you (and us) can say, "Good job, buddy!"
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Sire:  Gold Star's C.H. Boogie
(Wolf River's N-Bleu Cotton
X Gold Star's Zena)
Dam:  Alexis, a.k.a. Lulu
          (Rafter E's Raf 
X Crawdad's Miss Katie...Koon's Mista Boyd)
Sire:  Mcguire's Elmo
(Mcguire's Blue Boy
X Mcguire's Sassy)
Dam:  Mcguire's Cleo
          (Mcguire's Blue Boy 
X Otis' Cassie)
Sire:  Ranger Mason
(Mcguire's Blue Boy
X Otis' Cassie)
Mcguire's Diamond Patches (Livvy)
     Blue/black patchwork leopard
      Double glass eyes, 41lbs
      DOB:    1-04
      NALC registered
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Dam:  Meyers' Bit-O-Trash
X Meyers' Speck of Trash)
     Blue leopard, no trim
      Amber eyes, 67lbs
      DOB:    12-04
      NALC registered
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Planned Litters
Breeder:  Kris &scott Banik
Cowhouse's Buddy
     Black, tan points, w/white chest, nose
      Amber eyes, 75lbs @ 1 yr
      DOB:    12-05
      NALC registered
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Breeder:  Cowhouse Catahoulas
Breeder:  Windridge Farms
Windridge's Lady
     Blue leopard, red trim, white trim
      Blue eyes, 62lbs @ 10 mo
      DOB:    2-06
      NALC registered
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Gold Star's Pharaoh
     Red Leopard
      Green and Blue cracked eyes
      DOB:    3/02
      NALC , UKC registered

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McGuire's Shiney
      Amber eyes
      DOB:    12-05
      NALC registered
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