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For 2007, we are introducing two new sires: Big'un, son of Gold Star's C.H. Boogie, and Cowhouse's Buddy, by Cowhouse Catahoulas' stud G.  Soon, I'll have  separate pages with extended pedigree and stats info up for each dog. 
Big'un was born and raise on the ranch.  Sire of UKC CH Banik R.B.'s Kenzie
Buddy is our charming clown and puppy-sitter, sidelines to his cow job. 
                     Sire of Banik R.B.'s Nina.
Pharaoh, brother to Gold Star's Mucho Cleo. Purchased from Cowhouse. Great pups.

Stud services are available.        
Cowhouse's Buddy
     Blue leopard, no trim,
      Amber eyes, 67lbs
      DOB:    12-04
      NALC registered
      Out of our stock
Sire:  Gold Star's C.H. Boogie
(Wolf River's N-Bleu Cotton
X Gold Star's Zena)
Dam:  Alexis
          (Rafter E's Raf 
X Crawdad's Miss Katie)
Planned Litters
Breeder:  Kris $ Scott Banik
Cowhouse's Buddy
     Black & tan,
      Natural bob-tail,
      Amber eyes, 75lbs
      DOB:    12-05
      NALC registered
Sire:  Stone's Throw Colby G
X Daystar's Bridal Jewel)
Dam:  Gold Star's Mucho Cleo
          (So. Slough Bayou Rouge 
X Gold Star's Zena)
Breeder:  Cowhouse Catahoulas
Previous Sire:   Gold Star's C.H. Boogie
Gold Star's C.H. Boogie
     Blue leopard, no trim,
      Amber eyes, 65lbs
      DOB:    3-03
Sire:  Wolf River's N-Bleu Cotton
(Wolf River's Eza Cheetah
X Wolf River's I-Betsy)
Dam:  Gold Star's Zena
          (Six E's Slug 
X Aden's WR Roha Linda)
Breeder:  Cowhouse Catahoulas
Gold Star's Pharaoh
a.k.a. Egypt
     Red leopard, no trim,
      Natural bob-tail,
      Green & blue eyes, 80+lbs
      NALC registered
Sire:  South Slough Bayou Rouge
(Rene's Shadowman Creek
X Cat's Cradle Sadie Lady)
Dam:  Gold Star's Zena
          (Six E's Slug 
X ShCh Aden's WR Roja Linda)
Breeder:  Goldstar Catahoulas
Tuska Homma's Blackjack
Breeder:  Tuska Homma Kennels
Tuska Homma's BlackJack
     Black leopard with brindle trim,
      Natural bob-tail,
      Amber eyes, 70lbs
      DOB:    1-03
      NALC registered
Banik R.B.'s Frankie
Breeder:  Kris $ Scott Banik
     Blue leopard
      Blue eyes
      DOB:  9-08 
      NALC registered
Sire:  Callaway's Ajax
(Callaway's Chopper, Diamond Cutter son
X )
Dam:  McGuires's Diamond Patches (a.k.a. Livvy)
Sire:  Hance Koon's Cacillac
(Hance Koon's Bullet
X Hance Koon's Annie)
Dam:  McClure's She' a Gypsy
          (Hance Koon's Bruiser
X Pearce's Blaze)